Keynote for High School / College Students

Live Your Dream:
Making Your Mark on the World with Passion and Purpose

Today's youth carry the future within them. This session reflects this promise by helping youth understand and believe in themselves, so that they can go forward into their greatest potential. This motivational session includes personal stories, told by the speaker and elicited from the audience, that underscore the magnitude of possibility awaiting each and every young person as they prepare to make their way into the world.
With the voice of wisdom and a heart full of admiration and love, Steve Shama ignites the passions within his youth audiences and empowers them with the belief, desire and motivation to live their dreams.

Students will:
  • Discover the ever-present well of possiblilties alive within them
  • Learn how to harness and free their potential
  • Hear real-life stories of overcoming the odds and triumphing over adversity
  • Learn how to use their thoughts and dreams to create the life they envision
  • Be inspired to be an unstoppable force for positive change in the world

“Dr. Shama is mesmerizing as a speaker. Sharing about following your dreams and passion, he knows exactly how to grab the students’ attention and engage them. Students respond very well to him; they are interested and ant to know more. His creative approach and excellent storytelling truly get his message across. I find Dr. Shama very approachable and accessible; you can feel his positive energy.”
Jonathan McKinney,
Program Coordinator of Education, National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

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