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Difficult people can be hard to handle. They can leave you feeling frustrated, angry and at your wit's end. This insightful and humorous workshop will give you powerful new ways of dealing with even the most difficult person, so you can keep your serenity and walk away with a smile on your face -- no matter what anyone else says or does.
In this interactive seminar, you will learn:
  • What underlying emotions compel people to behave badly
  • How you should respond to specific types of difficult people
  • Key phrases and methods that diffuse anger, hostility and defensiveness
  • How to establish and maintain boundaries so everyone is treated fairly
  • How to maintain your own center of compassion and use it to help others
Steve Shama's humorous real-life stories and compassionate wisdom will give you a new perspective on stress and how to manage it in every situation — from your own daily stressors to the often unseen stressors of the difficult people you encounter.

Secrets for Giving Passionate Presentations

Are you anxious, fearful, or just not feeling confident about your next speaking opportunity? You can really look forward to it by attending this fun-filled session. Learn how to bring passion to your public speaking by choosing topics that are close to your heart, and connecting with audiences in a truly unforgettable way. Bring ideas for your presentation, and we’ll add a few "ingredients" that will make you eager and excited to share yourself and your ideas with the world.

You will learn how to:

  • Select topics that ignite your sense of passion and purpose
  • Create a warm, supportive connection with your audience so there is no need for anxiety or fear
  • Turn personal experiences into fascinating stories that will bring your talk to life
  • Have a one-on-one, personal conversation with your audiences
  • Manage your speaking experience from start to finish so it’s always fun and fresh

How To Have An Unforgettably Positive Life

These challenging times can make it difficult to maintain a positive attitude. This joyful, heart-felt sharing session will help you remember what is good about life, and teach you to focus on the experiences and thoughts that bring you happiness. Through a series of questions and shared responses, you will regain your connection to the exquisitely positive spirit of life.

You will:
  • Experience what it would really be like to live a positively unforgettable life
  • Discover how to make your own life positively unforgettable, right now
  • Explore what has kept you from experiencing the life you really want  
  • Learn how to experience life in an unforgettably positive way, every day
  • Discover new ways to be happy and stay happy, no matter what happens around you

“Steve, I had to write and tell you how wonderful you were. I could have listened to you all day. You were truly inspiring. Your words definitely crossed all bounds, not just professionally. I loved your enthusiasm and spirit. I work with 4 practices/ 50 PCP’s and I wish they could all hear you speak. Thanks for making me think beyond the obvious.”
— Mary Lanai,
Community Case Management, MA

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