Testimonials from Professionals and Business Audiences

"I've worked with Steve for many years and cannot speak more highly of any individual personally and professionally. He is incredibly detailed and punctual which is a TREMENDOUS help when planning an event. He led two sessions and those sessions were sold out and the most talked about out of any we hosted. My customers felt they got "real take away value" from Steve. He is such a inspiration to be around and you cannot leave any encounter with him unmotivated!"
— Mollie Pierce,
Trade Show and Event Manager
Puresafety, Franklin, Tennessee

Testimonials from the Medical Community

"Your delivery is highly personal, tremendously insightful and quite effective, even spellbinding. It was instructive, provocative, helpful and entertaining."
— Richard Edelson, MD
Chairman, Department of Dermatology
Yale Medical School, New Haven, CT

Steve Shama is totally committed to his message and clearly loves what he does. I enjoy his enthusiasm, his method of presentation and his entire approach. That’s why I have invited him to speak to the residents at the University several times. I know he’ll be someone they can learn from and that he speaks to what the essence of being a physician truly is. His messages resonates with medical students, residents and physicians in general.”
— William James, MD
Residency Program Director, University of Pennsylvania
Past President of the American Academy of Dermatology

"Your talk had a profound effect on the course of my professional life. Your delivery was filled with energy, enthusiasm and verve. What you have shown us are ways to continue to extract the enjoyment of being a doctor."
— Lawrence J. Eron, M.D.

"Steve’s talk gave us excellent ideas and tools, and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone -- including our front desk receptionists, medical assistants, nurses, administrators and doctors.  We all went back to work more serene, and ready to meet our next challenge with grace and kindness, while maintaining boundaries." 
— Cynthia Hunt, MD
Boston College Student Health

“One of the thorniest issues we deal with is how to deal with challenging patients, and I don't mean patients who present diagnostic or therapeutic conundrums. We welcomed Steve Shama to speak on this topic at our Winter Grand Rounds meeting.  His unsurpassed friendly style helped put people at ease as we discussed this thorny issue.  Many of his many tips and ways of thinking have already become permanent fixtures in our department culture, not the least of which are all the ‘Snoopy licks’, those appreciative comments of others, that are getting passed around.”
Steve Feldman, MD, PhD. Professor of Dermatology
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

"Dr. Shama gave a delightful and non-intimidating session.  For program directors looking for a session that can be used to 'teach' professionalism, this is perfect.  It was engaging, practical, and a new way to look at the problem of managing difficult patients.  The best part of the session was that it helped the resident-faculty relationship, because it allowed the faculty to share the challenges that difficult patients present even to the experienced practitioner. Highly recommended."
Timothy Berger, MD, Professor of Dermatology, UCSF and
Associate Director of the Dermatology Residency

"Dr.Shama is able to electrify his audience...In a day and age where we attend lecture after lecture full of minute details-this lecture stands out without a doubt, to be one of the most memorable lectures I have ever attended in my medical career."
Baruch Kaplan, M.D.

"Your presentation was outstanding! You gave me something I couldn’t get from a textbook, journal, or Audio-Visual system. You taught me how to give part of myself to my audience by giving us part of yourself."
— Israel Dvoretzky, M.D.

“I learned so much from listening to you speak on Thursday and Friday. You are a great storyteller and I hope to incorporate some of my stories into my presentations in the future. You convinced me of the power of a narrative to draw the audience into a presentation and understand the relevance of the topic. Your relaxed conversational style, the way you use your hands and your tone were excellent examples for our residents.  Thanks again , Steve, for enlightening our staff and residents with your thoughts and wisdom.
John A. Zic, MD, Professor of Medicine/ Dermatology, and
Associate Dean for Admissions, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

“What impresses me about Steve Shama is his ability to adapt his message… and still have it be meaningful, relevant and useful… Steve is insightful, thoughtful, authentic and engaging as a speaker. His folksy stories are laced with wisdom and humor.
— Matthew J. Zirwas, MD,
Ohio State University Dermatology Residency Program Director

"I could have listened to you all day. I work with 4 practices/ 50 PCP's and I wish they could all hear you speak. You were truly inspiring. Thanks for making me think beyond the obvious."
— Mary Lanai
Community Case Management, MA

Testimonials from General Audiences

You have been the most motivating speaker the chapter has ever come across. It has been a long time since the chapter has encountered such excellence, passion and creative thinking."
— Neelam Muizzuddin, PH.D.,
Society of Cosmetic Chemists, New York

Testimonials from High School/College Students

"You are awe-inspiring, as both a doctor and a speaker. Any youth organization would benefit from hearing you talk. Your down to earth approach and belief in them surprises them and draws them in."
— Thomas (T.J.) Swanick,
Faculty Advisor
National Youth Leadership Forum in Medicine, Boston

"Dr. Shama is a mesmerizing speaker. His creative approach and excellent storytelling truly get his message across. Students respond very well to him; they are interested and want to know more."
— Jonathan McKinney,
Program Coordinator of Education
National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, Boston

“Dr. Shama was, as he always is, encouraging and positive. As accomplished speaker, and a figure I have shadowed and referred to many times after listening to him at an opening plenary in 2005, I consider Dr. Shama an inspiration and a wonderful example of the personality necessary to be a productive and respected physician.”
— National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicne, Boston Faculty Advisor

“ Your speech moved me beyond any words can describe. I cannot begin to express the magnitude of how inspiring your speech was to my life, and I thank you so very much for that.”
— Kieran Bateman, student participant,
National Youth Leadership Forum, Boston

Additional testimonials from students at the National Youth Leadership Forum, Boston

"He was the best speaker we had all week. He was so motivational."

“I loved that Dr. Shama was himself and I loved his message. I enjoyed his philosophical approach to medicine. I was on the verge of tears and I know many of my friends were as well.”

"I have been trained by many experts in successful speech delivery and persuasive politics. Dr. Shama ranks among the most effective. His enthusiasm, story-telling ability, and authentic approach make physicians listen and respond well to him."
— Richard K. Scher, MD, FACP,
Past President American Academy of Dermatology and New York State Society of Dermatology

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