Keynotes for the Medical Community

These presentations can be given for conferences, medical grand rounds,
and private practices.

How to deal with difficult patients / people...
and look forward to it!

You and your staff have enough to deal with, keeping up with the demands of today's healthcare system. What you don't need are angry, demanding, controlling, manipulative, or non compliant patients taking their negative emotions out on you. In this dynamic and humorous real-world session, you'll learn new ways of handling difficult patients and people so that you remain in control and calm at all times, and understand how you can actually look forward to these challenging people.
Participants will be asked to suggest real-world "difficult" scenarios, and we will generate many different approaches to solving these frustrating situations. Handouts will be provided with solutions to common situations. You will laugh, learn and most of all, come away feeling empowered and equipped with practical tools to disarm even the most difficult patient or situation.  

You will:

  • Identify the underlying reasons why people become frustrated, upset or angry 
  • Learn to interpret body language to assess how to best approach a difficult person
  • Discover the real reasons why people act entitled and controlling
  • Identify how fear, anxiety and frustration influence behavior
  • Learn specific techniques and phrases to defuse an angry person and calm their behavior
  • Make life easier and more enjoyable by not allowing difficult people to steal your joy — no matter what!

Secrets for Giving Passionate Presentations

Are you anxious, fearful, or just not feeling confident about your next speaking opportunity? You can really look forward to it by attending this fun-filled session. Learn how to bring passion to your public speaking by choosing topics that are close to your heart, and connecting with audiences in a truly unforgettable way. Bring ideas for your presentation, and we’ll add a few "ingredients" that will make you eager and excited to share yourself and your ideas with the world.

You will learn how to:

  • Select topics that ignite your sense of passion and purpose
  • Create a warm, supportive connection with your audience so there is no need for anxiety or fear
  • Turn personal experiences into fascinating stories that will bring your talk to life
  • Have a one-on-one, personal conversation with your audiences
  • Manage your speaking experience from start to finish so it’s always fun and fresh

How to HAVE An Unforgettably Positive Office Visit
For You and Your Patients

With all the demands on a physician’s time, the office visit — once a sacred place of connection where physicians and other health care practitioners were permitted to really listen to, and administer to their patients, and patients developed a deep sense of trust and reliance on their doctors — has become a race to see how much can be accomplished in an impossibly short period of time.

Patients are usually the ones to complain about having to wait so long to receive so precious little of their physician, but the reality is that doctors feel it, too. What can we do to reshape the all-important office visit into a truly meaningful and rewarding time for both patients and health care practitioners?

There are a number of things you can do to put yourself back in charge of the office visit, despite the pressures and regulations facing you. In this interactive session, we will ask a series of questions and find practical ways to make the sacred office visit an unforgettably positive experience again – for you and your patients.

You will:

  • Discover how lightning-fast office visits really impact you – not just your patients
  • Experience what an unforgettably positive office visit would be like for you and your patients
  • Realize how important it is to take charge of office visits so you can feel better about yourself and the level of care you’re able to provide to your patients
  • Learn important self-care techniques so you can be more present for patients and have more left over for yourself at the end of a busy day
  • Create a plan of action to ensure that the office visit remains an important, sacred time between you and the people who trust you with their health
  • Discover how much more you enjoy working with patients once the natural give and take relationship has been restored to the office visit
  • See how happy and fulfilled you feel once you’re back in charge of the office visit again

Rediscovering the Joys of Medicine and of Life

Practicing medicine can be incredibly stressful. The pressures of dealing with insurance companies, staff and patients can drain the joy out of your work and personal life, leaving you exhausted and wondering why you agreed to practice medicine at all.
The good news is that you can take charge of your own medical practice in a way that makes life easy and joyful again. This dynamic, life-changing seminar will restore your love of medicine and reconnect you with the purpose and passion that made you want to be a physician in the first place.
You will: 
  • Understand and appreciate how important it is to keep the “me” in medicine
  • Discover how to fight back against oppressive systems and take control of your own practice
  • Understand what stress is doing to your own body and mind, and just how important it is take care of yourself first
  • Look back to your early days as a physician and see how you were programmed to burn out 
  • Learn to take well-deserved breaks and give yourself time for yourself to recharge
  • Create policies that will automatically reduce stress for everyone in your environment
  • Make a plan to help keep yourself, your medical practice and your life in balance

Improving Collegiality in the Medical Community

The current health care system creates stresses that alienate healthcare providers from each other. Now more than ever, all members of the health care team need to work seamlessly together in mutual understanding and respect — for the betterment of themselves and their patients.

This dynamic, humorous and touching seminar will help strengthen and restore the collaborative relationships you share with fellow physicians, staff and others in the healthcare field. Audience members will suggest real-life scenarios to work through, and leave with a clear action plan to make things better.
You will:

  • Discover the specific stresses that take the most toll on your work relationships – and how more meaningful communication can easily solve those problems
  • Share personal experiences and hear others’ stories to better understand the unseen pressures and challenges on each member of the medical team – and how these impact the team as a whole
  • Gain a more cohesive view of why things don’t always go the way you would like – and what you can do together to improve efficiency and harmony
  • Rekindle strained friendships, gain new respect for your fellow health-care workers and make collaborating simple and easy  
  • Develop an action plan that will improve communication, reduce stress and make it fun to go to work again


"Steve Shama is a talented motivation
speaker... His ability to gently break
down individuals' barriers such as
shyness, presentation hesitation, and
a lack of peer interaction is truly to be
admired... Dr. Shama ranks among the
most effective speakers... because of
his enthusiasm, story-telling ability,
and authentic approach."
Richard K. Scher, MD, FACP,
Past President, American Academy
of Dermatology

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